Bomb Blast Window Protection

Bomb Blast Protection
Explosions/ Bomb Blasts safety film adheres directly to the interior of the windowpane while maintaining the overall integrity of the glass surface. Our blast mitigation film is incredibly strong, yet flexible enough to absorb shock waves, cushioning and dispersing the impact to the windowpane and frame.

For decades, terrorists and extremist groups have known that explosive devices and unprotected glass form a lethal combination. Security experts report that more than 3,000 small bombs are exploded each year in the UK & USA: this number is expected to increase. Statistically, almost 90 percent of all injuries from a bomb blast are related to flying glass, rather than the blast itself. In an explosion, glass particles can travel at speeds of up to 150 mph. If, for example, a bomb explodes 400 metres away from a building, glass from a broken window can hit a person, 5 metres away, at a speed of 75 metres per second. In this scenario, glass particles of any size, even from strengthened windows that are designed to shatter into small pieces, are unquestionably lethal.

In addition to concerns over terrorist attacks, building owners and managers are looking for affordable solutions to protect employees of processing plants, factories, and refineries from the effects of flying glass during accidental explosions.

Whether intentional or inadvertent, blasts are devastating in terms of property destruction and risk to human life.

For further information on our Bomb blast safety window film, contact us on 0800 44 888 55.

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