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Case Studies
Case Studies

Alec Hunter Humanities College have a large south-facing front elevation to their school. The classrooms on this elevation suffer from significant heat gain and glare issues which can prove to be a real issue as children in a overheated classroom will struggle to maintain the necessary concentration levels required to learn. Alec Hunter

The issue is highlighted in a BBC article within our news section

"A large majority of teachers said that such temperatures had an adverse impact on pupils' ability to learn. These classrooms faced a build up of heat that made it impossible to study. Teachers in the survey talked about both staff and pupils becoming lethargic and light-headed because of the temperatures."

We installed Silver 20 solar film to the whole elevation, providing a cost-effective solution to reducing the classroom temperatures. On top of this we also silicone beaded the film to the frames to ensure that children were unable to tamper with it once it was in place.

Alec Hunter

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