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iGP Window Protection Products
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iGP provide a range of services, products, most importantly solutions for all of your glass needs, please see below our full range of products currently available:

Energy Savings and Reductions in CO² Emissons - for more information and your free survey

Solar heat gain - to reduce heat gain and glare from the sun with up to 80% reduction in both areas

Bomb Blast Protection window film is designed to contain the potentially fatal flying glass shards caused by explosions or severe weather conditions, against flying glass in the event of a bomb blast explosion or spontaneous breakage

Physical Attack/Intrusion - to help reduce the chance of physical attack on your glazing

Security from Physical Attack to create an effective and invisible barrier against potential forceful intrusion on your commercial premises or even your home

Manifestations Glass Graphics and Logos to provide a decorative solution for such regulations as DDA in the workplace using company logos for example

iGP Window Protection Products

Edge Retention Systems/Anchoring is used to secure the glass and film to the rebate frame giving the next level of protection up from Bomb Blast Film

Sacrificial films for Anti Graffiti Protection to raise the standard of normal glass to an acceptable level and provide a protective coating to help combat vandalism

Driver security from attack to stop physical attacks on glass whilst transportation vehicles are in service

Passenger protection from glass spall to stop attacks on glass whilst passengers are travelling

Site Surveys to help show how and where window films can help in your building or home, such as Regulation 14 in schools and the workplace

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