Regulation 14 & Risk Assessment

Regulation 14
Regulation 14 is a grey area within the glazing industry and can be very misleading. It is extremely difficult to assess what windows are risk areas and why, and more importantly hat is needed to be done to protect them. iGP can complete a full glazing survey and risk assessment to demonstrate

iGP Solutions make Regulation 14 simple by conduct a survey and following our 5 point analysis procedure:

  1. Conduct a risk assessment of all glazing to determine risk of injury onsite.
  2. Ascertain the glass type and its safety rating within those locations.
  3. Prepare a schedule of works to ensure all glazing identified as unsafe for its location and upgraded.
  4. Document both the assessment and the schedule of works.
  5. Monitor and review - ensure the schedule of work is completed and any subsequent organisation does not create new potential risk.
  6. Regulation 14

    Contact us in order to find out more about how this legislation affects you and the solutions available to assist you in complying with your obligations.

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