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Tests have proved that the weakest point of any vehicle/ building is naturally the glazing.

Alarms, security cameras, guards and security sensors certainly help but quite often the intruders are prepared to "smash and grab".

Why not upgrade your current glazing to have high performance security films applied making any sort of smash and grab a great deal more difficult than without the added protection.

iGP Window Protection & Vehicle Security

Anchoring - When a security film is installed iGP recommend the addition of one of our purposely designed edge retention systems. This anchors the glass that has been filmed securely to the frame, creating a very strong barrier to any potential intruders. The edge retention system is custom fitted to suit the framing profile of your building.

Additionally on top of all the benefits talked about in the above statements, the film has a UV layer providing protection of fading to your treasured belongings in your home or workplace.

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