Solar Control Window Protection Film

iGP Solar Control
Our new virtually invisible heat reduction and UV window protection film is the latest generation of high performance window films. It works by filtering out select wavelengths of the sun's infrared radiation using ceramic and precious metal sputtering technology, while maintaining a high amount of visible light transmittance, offering a clear view in and out through the glass. Not changing the aesthetic appearance of the building. It has the same reflectance as glass once installed, allowing for a luminous interior, while affording a comfortable and temperate environment.

iGP Solar Control
Our high performance window films reject high levels of solar infrared heat and glare, improving the climate and occupant comfort. We stock and install a large range of films, from the basic mirrored silver, greys and bronzes to the higher performance spectrally selective films offering a neutral subtle appearance and a clearer view out. Our conservatory window film keeps out much of the solar energy and radiating heat to keep you cool and comfortable.

When the sun shines, the heat transmitted through the windows can quickly become unbearable. Window film rejects high levels of solar infrared heat, offering strong protection against bothersome glare, uncomfortable heat, hotspots and uneven temperature fluctuations.

With window film fitted, there is no need for drawing the curtains, closing the shutters, blinds or turning up the air conditioning to maintain a comfortable climate. Window film simply keeps out the unwanted heat, whilst maintaining the natural light.

iGP Solar Control
iGP window film reflects significant solar energy, while absorbing another portion of the energy. The result is that the amount of solar radiation transmitted inside the room is considerably less. Specs will vary depending on the Solar Gard window film selected.

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